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Daniel Watson
Certified Lubrication Specialist, STLE

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Date: 11/12/17 

  • XW-20 / XW-30 What does this mean 
  • Explanation of SAE Viscosity System 
  • API Classification System 
  • Purpose of going to lighter weight oils 
  • Discussion of 20 weight oils and limits of performance 
  • Normal and Intermittent range for engine oils 
  • Proper viscosity for optimum bearing lubrication 
  • Variable valve timing systems oiling requirements 
  • Caution on low quality synthetics and fraudulent oils
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Date: 11/05/17 

  • VW Turbo Diesel 
  • High mileage Euro Diesels 
  • Ultra-Low Sulfur diesel 
  • Diesel Lubricity 
  • Diesel Injector performance 
  • DPF / Regeneration 
  • ATF as a diesel additive 
  • Bypass Filter System 
  • Turbo lubrication
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Date: 10/29/17 

  • Diesel engine technology 
  • Early diesel engine problems 
  • Injector advances 
  • Exhaust system / DPF / SCR / EGR 
  • Urea treatment for NOX 
  • Diesel Oil / Quality / Necessity 
  • Oil classifications explained 
  • European Oils explained
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Date: 10/22/17 

  • Transmission ATF fluid specifications
  • Manual transmission gear lube vs ATF
  • Proper trans gear lube for brass synchronizers GL-4
  • GL-4 Gear Lube vs GL-5
  • CVT transmission fluids

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Date: 10/15/17 

  • Personal experience with Amsoil
  • Technical changes requiring changes to motor oils
  • European oils / ACEA / not the same as API
  • Zinc and phosphorous in motor oil
  • Variable valve timing and the oil requirements

  • How to get more life out of a VW GTI with more than 100,000 miles?
  • Is it wise to purchase a Jag with 185,000 miles?
  • What is considered an older car that needs higher levels of zinc and phosphorous?
  • What is the best oil for a Ford Fusion in Phoenix AZ?
  • Where can you find Amsoil products?
  • Lexus SUV recommendations?

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