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Date: 4/28/19 - #85

  • Best synthetic motor oil for a Corvette Best oil for jet skis?
  • Best 2-cycle oil for chainsaws?
  • Is synthetic oil made from natural gas?
  • Can 2-cycle oils be mixed?
  • 2016 Honda Accord in hot climate, run 20w-50?

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Date: 4/14/19 - #84

  • What is considered a real synthetic oil?
  • Combatting Ultra-Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD) 
  • Cetane vs Octane

  • Are high mileage oils worth the extra money?
  • Price vs cost?
  • 2014 Chevy Duramax Diesel should fuel additive be used to lubricate injectors?

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Date: 4/7/19 - #83

  • Dan interviews Bob

  • Is synthetic oil worth the price?
  • What is the best oil for dirt bike engines?
  • Using a full or semi-synthetic in a 2012 Ford Focus?
  • Are oil additives worth the money?
  • How often should rear end oil be changed?

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Date: 3/31/19 - #82

  • Petroleum oil disguised as synthetic oil
  • Hydrocracking vs hydrotreating
  • Diesel regeneration

  • How to clean the direct injectors 
  • Can 2-stroke model aircraft use synthetic lubricants?
  • 0w-16 in brand new Honda 2014 Chevy pickup rear end chatter after fluid change
  • Using SN rated oil in classic and muscle cars

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Date: 3/24/19 - #81

  • Dan interviews Bob

  • Can diesel oil be run in a gas pickup truck?
  • 150 Evinrude outboard motor using petroleum or synthetic?
  • Chevy 454 big block with carburetor in a swamp buggy, which oil is best?
  • Are synthetic oils more environmentally friendly?
  • How to clean direct injected gasoline engine?

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Date: 3/10/19 - #80

  • Substandard synthetic lubricantsGroup III and IV oil base stocks, hydrocracking, PAOs, esters

  • Cleaning direct injection valves
  • Do synthetic oils require a different type of oil filters?
  • Difference in oil filters?
  • What are the advantages of synthetic motor oil?
  • Using GL-4 or GL-5 gear lube in a manual transmission?

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Date: 3/3/19 - #79

  • The Amsoil independent business opportunity

  • Why are 2 cycle mixing ratios so different for each application?
  • How are oil change intervals guaranteed by oil companies?
  • Additives for motor oil 2005 car with 145k miles, safe to use synthetic oil?
  • Why do European cars use different oils than American cars?

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Date: 2/24/19 - #78

  • 2002 Dodge Diesel truck using CK-4 or CI-4 oil rating?
  • Using synthetic motor oil in a 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle
  • Generator calls for 10w30 oil should it change with age?
  • 2012 Ford Focus calls for blend or can a full synthetic be used?
  • How do quick lubes dispense oil?
  • Dual 4-stroke outboard engine oil?

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Date: 2/17/19 - #77

  • Synthetic oil as a marketing phrase

  • How often should differential or rear end oil be changed?
  • Measuring oil change intervals in hours instead of miles
  • What is the best lubrication for snowmobiles and power control valves?
  • Why are newer cars calling for 20 weight oil? Can 30 weight be used instead?
  • Where is Amsoil made?

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Date: 2/10/19 - #76

  • How to buy Amsoil at wholesale

  • Why cant highly refined petroleum oil be extended as long as synthetic oil?
  • Are oil additives worth the money?
  • Do European cars use different motor oil than American cars?
  • Using automotive oil in a ski boat
  • Why do newer cars call for 20 weight oil? Can 30 weight be used instead?

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Date: 1/27/19 - #75

  • Removing moisture from oil and engine
  • Understanding 2 cycle engine gas to oil mix ratios

  • GL-4 or GL-5 gear lube in manual transmission
  • Is Amsoil involved in motorsports?
  • 50 weight or 60 weight oil for Panhead Harley Davidson?
  • Why does Amsoil have a 1 year oil change interval?
  • What is the best oil for a 2017 Kia Sportage with 2.4l DGI engine?
  • Why are synthetic motor oils priced so differently?

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Date: 1/20/19 - #74

  • High RPM and shear protection oil formulation
  • European motor oil specifications (ACEA)
  • Synthetic ATF, manual fluid, gear lube, and synchromesh fluid

  • Best oil for inboard/outboard cabin cruiser boat with Chevy 350?
  • Oil for an Audi A8 Quattro and Volkswagen Phaeton

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Date: 1/13/19 - #73

  • Synthetic blends
  • Engine failures and oil analysis
  • Slip lock additives for rear ends

  • Which oil is best for 2006 5.9L Dodge Turbo Diesel?
  • Becoming an Amsoil DealerWill using a full synthetic in a 2012 Ford Focus damage the car?
  • 10,000 miles or 1 year oil change interval in a Honda?
  • Best oil for a F-150 in cold weather applications?
  • Oil for a 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme that has been sitting
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Date: 1/6/19 - #72

  • Turbo diesel regeneration DPF
  • Diesel urera tanks and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR)
  • Diesel soot and keeping the injectors clean

  • W75w-90 differential oil with friction modifiers and positraction
  • Toyota 10,000 mile oil drain interval and synthetic oil and warranties
  • Constant Velocity Transmission (CVT) and ATF fluid

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